Who is Brad Ball?

Brad Ball Profitable Retail

Brad A. Ball, Moroch’s Chief Development Officer, Director at Large, Moroch Holdings Inc.

I’ve known the Moroch partners for over 30 years. I’ve been a competitor; a client (twice) and now as a owner/partner.

I have a unique prospective of the agency business having owned my own as well as CMO and senior marketing titles:

CMO-North America – McDonald’s USA

President – Theatrical Marketing/North America – Warner Bros. Pictures

Vice President – Entertainment Marketing – NASCAR

My years in marketing include the agency side where I worked the creative as well as the account service side in a Los Angeles based agency – Davis, Ball & Colombatto. Our largest client, McDonald’s led to my being asked to lead US marketing for McDonald’s as CMO/SVP.

Warner Bros. Pictures lured my family and I back to home, Southern California, where I served as the studio’s President of Domestic Marketing for over 90 films, from Perfect Storm and the Matrix to Harry Potter.

NASCAR came knocking (years after sponsoring a team at McDonald’s) with the opportunity to lead their entertainment practice as VP Entertainment Marketing. Our task was to get Hollywood to partner on NASCAR themed theatrical releases – IMAX 3D, the NASCAR Experience, Sony’s Talladega Nights and Disney’s The Love Bug – Herbie Fully Loaded. Following years on the client side, I returned to my love of advertising, joining Moroch Partners to help lead business development and share my take on the business from a CMO’s POV.

Insights gained from my roles as a CMO -

  • McDonald’s – always lead with a customer benefit. Given 25 million visits a day, you have no excuse not to listen and deliver.
  • Warner Bros. – when opening night arrives, you’d better have found your audience. Big budget and small indie films rarely get a second shot of winning the weekend box office.
  • NASCAR  – the fans are really in the drivers’ seat. Their loyalty brings the sponsors lots of money, which in turn, makes the cars go faster. In return for sponsor loyalty to a given team, the fans favor the product at the cash register – completing the cycle of the fan loyalty, product benefit sports marketing. 

Benefits to my agency roles learned as a CMO  –

  • CMO ‘s have many audiences to please. It’s not just about approving ads. THINK like a client!
  • CMO’s want an agency partner who understands the brand attributes and someone who will never stop conceiving ways to build loyalty between the consumer and the brand.
  • CMO’s expect their agency to go behind the contractual scope of work – providing new insights and activation that will enhance the bottom line or outsmart a competitor. Proactive thinking leads to long relationships.