Survey: Understanding How Consumers Use Tablets for Profitable Retail

iPanel Reporter Study tablets and multitasking

Tablet owners are actually welcome seeing your retail ads – if the content is relevant and interesting.

Tablet owners consume more media. Tablets fill a lifestyle and information need. Tablet users are younger, and completely involved in what they are doing. Sure seems like a sweet spot for marketing.

One thing to understand about tablet owners is that multi-tasking is the norm.

Your parents or teachers may have told you to focus and do one thing well at a time. Do more, and you will mess up several things.

Try telling that to a tablet user – who may be doing two, three or more things simultaneously while using their tablet. Since the tablet was first popularized by the Apple iPad, the appeal and use of tablets has spread to millions of households – and is changing forever how media is consumed.

This is one of the findings from a recent report by GfK MRI and its on-line iPanel survey of 6500 participants. The survey revealed that tablet owners find their tablets to be an excellent tool for multi-tasking. And tablet owners multi-task a lot.

  • 82% of tablet owners indicated that tablets make multi-tasking easier, and 81% enjoy multi-tasking while on their tablets.
  • Millennials multi-task 44% of the time when using their tablets, followed by Gen X at 38% and Boomers at 37%.
  • Most multi-tasking is done in the evening, particularly between 5 and 8 pm (60% multi-task during this time) and 9 and 11 pm (44%). 89% multi-task while at home.

Multi-tasking is nothing new in our time-pressed society. But tablet owners appear to be taking multi-tasking to a new level. During the past seven days, 90% said they used their tablet while doing some other activity. Tablet owners use their tablets while doing the following tasks:

  • 63% use their tablets while watching TV (the single largest multi-tasking occasion)
  • 46% while eating a meal
  • 40% while talking to others
  • 36% while on their cell or Smartphone;
  • 28% while on a desktop or laptop
  • 25% while cooking
  • 22% while traveling
  • 17% while shopping, getting dressed, or exercising
  • 11% while playing a video games

72% say they now consume more media since purchasing a tablet. 75% of tablet owners say their tablet has filled a gap in their lifestyle. 47% use their tablet to access media they cannot get on another device.

Another interested finding – tablet owners are receptive to viewing ads within on their tablets even while multi-tasking. 56% of tablet owners expressed an interest or willingness to view ads within apps. Millennials (66%) and Gen Xers (58%) are most willing to view ads. Males (61%) were somewhat more willing than females (52%).

Tablet owners are most receptive to ads in apps for retail as:

  • 30% local information
  • 28% weather
  • 28% cooking/recipes
  • 25% magazines
  • 25% music
  • 24% books
  • 24% travel & maps

The audience is there, and they are interested in your product and service. For marketers, creating content and promotional offers that appeal to these engaged tablet owners is the challenge.

Click on the following link to read the entire the GfK MRI iPanel report, “Tablets an Multi-Tasking”